Every religion has its priesthood, and every military branch its elite. Consider Nod's Black Hand a blend of the two, where battle-bred initiates are inculcated into the religious mysteries that form the core of the Brotherhood's belief system. If this cult-inside-a-cult has its prophet, his name is General Gideon Raveshaw.

Cold, brooding, and speaking in religious maxims when he chooses to speak at all, Raveshaw is in many ways the opposite of Kane. Whereas Kane relishes the opportunity for public speaking and seems to actively seek evidence of faith in Nod members, Raveshaw is an unlikely leader. However, there's a charisma to his coldness, and his savagely brilliant mind make his inner circle the most fanatically loyal of all The Brotherhood.

Originally a mercenary strategist based in Africa, where he would sell his intelligence-gathering services to the highest-bidding warlord, Raveshaw was recruited by Kane to head Nod's specialist branch of spies and saboteurs in order to establish a hub of operations in Tunisia. Given a handful of Nod's best and brightest, Raveshaw undertook a campaign -- a mix of terrorist bombings, planted evidence and inflammatory propaganda against the ruling regime -- that resulted in a "people's revolution," i.e., the successful installation of a Nod puppet government.

Like Tiberium itself, Raveshaw exuded some unexpected side effects: he was quickly becoming a cult figure on his own terms. He was soon the unofficial head of the Nod's elite group, where his own style of Brotherhood gospel added yet another dimension to Nod's religious dogma. The official title of Black Hand was derived from a phrase attributed to Kane: "When we are crushing the black hearts of our oppressors, we will find our hands blackened. We cannot cultivate our garden without digging in the dirt." Thus the forces that make up the Black Hand specialize in Nod's "dirty work": assassinations, kidnappings, terrorist acts and other forms of sabotage. In the Black Hand, the code of behavior is rigid and unforgiving, and discipline is brutal; but every Brotherhood soldier dreams of being initiated into its ranks -- where Nod's most pure-hearted are more than happy to get their hands dirty.