Westwood Online ladder status

The Westwood Online ladder is currently back in a working condition

The community is working in order to upgrade it to become a kick-ass clan ladder with the assistance of people who have really knowledgable about what Renegade clanning has evolved to these days and hence revitalize the public ladder to something really cool that's a better indicator of skill.

You can visit the current ladder here.


A third-party clanwar system

Clanwars.cc instored a manual report clanwar ladder where any clan can subscribe. You can visit them here.

What is the Westwood Online Tournament System
and how do I sign up?

Note: this is the original text, written by Westwood Studios at Renegade's launch. Please consider that EA already dropped support for it a long time ago. The community is doing its best to get it functional again, though.

If you're into high stakes game play, furious one-on-one action and getting free stuff just for playing, you've come to the right place.

Westwood's integrated ranking system is the ultimate way to get ranked with Command & Conquer: Renegade. Here are a few reasons why...

?Automatic reporting of all wins, losses, and disconnects. There is no need to fill out any forms after your game is over. ? Awards and promotions ensure that serious players will be recognized for their skill by giving them an official and definitive rank that sets them apart from the crowd. ? Hourly updates ensure you'll never have to wait long to find out where you stand. ? And best of all, it's free to owners of Command & Conquer: Renegade-courtesy of Westwood Studios. All you need is a retail version of the game and an Internet service provider.

What are you waiting for? If you're a member of Westwood Online, then you're already enrolled in our tournament system! Just jump into your Westwood Online client software and start playing. Your score will be sent to our system as soon as your tournament game is completed.

If you're not already a member, we'll let you sign up for free.

What are the rules of tournament play?

You are permitted to play only one (1) nickname on Westwood's ladder system in any one tournament month.

?Arranged losses or wins with another player is not permitted
?Absolutely no use of cheats, hacks, editors, trainers, mods, or any other program, software, modification or patch other than as released by Westwood Studios.
?No use of profanity, sexual or racial references in public chat rooms, channel names, or any nickname you choose for yourself
? No impersonation of SYSOPs, Westwood employees or bots.

?Any other tournament practice the contest coordination staff deems unfair will be cause for disqualification.

Failure to abide by these rules will be cause for removal of all accrued points the first time caught. Second time offenders will have their serial number permanently banned. For more information about cheat penalties, click here. To report a cheater, please visit our cheat report page. While each e-mail is individually read and an investigation into the games played is initiated, you may not receive a personal response.

Is it possible to cheat?

Westwood has implemented several deterrents against cheating that
make it very hard to do so.

These include :
Disconnect point security Players who are in a game for more than two minutes will still gain or lose points even if they leave or are disconnected. The ladder points gained/lost are calculated by the percentage of time spent in the game and the number of points they would have won/lost at the end of the game.
Constant updates and improvements
Through player feedback and participation, Westwood's tournament staff makes periodic minor adjustments to the ranking system to ensure that it is a fun and challenging way to play. The automatic updates to your Westwood Online software reflect this commitment to all our loyal Command & Conquer fans.

Modifying server code

All servers are issued a serial # that is tracked and recorded. If you believe that a server has in some way altered or changed their server to report bogus results, please report them as a cheater.

Watching and tracking poor sportsmanship.

All of the complaints that we receive are tracked and recorded for future reference. This includes, but is not limited to, inappropriate language and behavior while online, use of multiple nicknames on the ladder system during one month, and use of any and all cheats, hacks, editors, or other programs used in conjunction with Westwood Studios software, flooding and disconnecting. Any of these are cause for immediate disqualification from the Tournament System.

Other Secret Stuff

Westwood's Tournament System tracks all aspects of game play. The damage you do, length of game, vehicles built, playing style and many other specifics are recorded for each player of each game at all times. Using this information, we can carefully follow the progress of players throughout the tournament to determine whether they are using unfair playing practices or not. A thorough examination and background check of all top players is conducted before winners are announced or prizes awarded.

If you believe someone is cheating...

Please let us know! Visit our cheat report page by clicking here. While each e-mail is individually read and an investigation into the games played initiated, you may not receive a personal response.

Please remember that anyone caught playing unfairly will have their points reduced to zero and may be subject to permanent removal from the Tournament System.

What are the penalties for cheating?

The penalties for cheating are fairly simple:

First Offense: Banning!
All accumulated points will be removed from contest records and the offender's score will be reset to zero. A warning e-mail will be sent to the offending player notifying them of their rules violation. The offending player will be banned from tournament play for the rest of that month.

Second Offense: Permanently Banned!
Offenders' serial numbers will be banned permanently from all current and future Westwood Studios contests and tournaments.
We hope that by working to hard to remove those few players that try to ruin the experience for other players from our contests, those who play by the rules will now have even greater chances of winning one of our prizes offered each month.
To report a cheater, please visit our cheat report page. While each e-mail is individually read and an investigation into the games played is initiated, you may not receive a personal response.

How do I use the Westwood Online Tournament System?

Using the system is very easy. Every time you play on a laddered Renegade server, your score is reported to our Tournament System for analysis. All of the results are posted to the system you are viewing now on an hourly basis.

Three ranking systems or "ladders" exist for each game
in the tournament system. For Renegade these are:
HALL OF CHAMPIONS This is a list of all the users in the tournament, regardless of whether they are GDI or Nod players, ranked by total score.
GDI This is a list of players that use the GDI side more often than the Nod side. Players that compete as Nod more than they do GDI are not shown here.
NOD This is a list of players that use the Nod side more often than the GDI. GDI players are not shown here.

You may search for your name by entering your Westwood Online nickname in the field to the right of the RANK button above. If you would rather see a particular group or listing of players farther down the ladder, just enter a number and the listing will jump there.

Please note that searching for GDI players on the Nod Forces ranking page will not work (and vice versa). If you don't see your name listed under one side, try the other side or go to the COMBINED listing to search through all the players.

Pressing the HOME button will return you to the Renegade
Tournament home page.

Pressing HELP while viewing the rankings will send you to this help section.

What if I want to play a non-ranked game?

We understand there are times when players will want to try out a new map or new strategy without risking any detrimental effect to their scores.

We understand there are times when players will want to try out a new map or new strategy without risking any detrimental effect to their scores.

To this end, Westwood allows you to select whether each game you play is ranked or unranked. Non-laddered games will still report statistics back to Westwood Online, but you will not gain/lose points in the ranking system. Non-ranked games will have a hollow star icon next to them. Laddered games will have a dot in the center of the star.

What are the server settings for a laddered game?

In order to have a server set to report laddered games, there are some server settings that cannot be changed.

These settings will always be set this way on laddered games:
Preferred side: Auto team
Radar settings: Only teammates shown
Friendly Fire: Off
Repair buildings: On
Spawn Weapons: Off
Remix Teams: On
Destroy All Enemy Buildings: On
Place Endgame Beacon: On
Map Time Limit: 20 minutes
Loop Maps: On

How are the different ranks calculated?

Your official title and given rank in the Westwood Online Tournament System is dependent on your number of total points and number of total players. The requirements for the GDI and NOD sides are the same:
Percentile Needed Points

Top player 500 or more required
0.05 300 or more required
1 200 or more required
5 50 or more required
10 no point requirement
15 no point requirement
20 no point requirement
30 no point requirement
40 no point requirement
50 no point requirement
60 no point requirement
70 no point requirement
80 no point requirement
90 no point requirement
100 no point requirement

How are my points calculated?

Your points are calculated on a very basic addition/subtraction principle. When you first being playing on the Renegade ladder, you will start with 10,000 points. With each laddered game you play, you will gain or loss ladder points based on your performance in the game.

The worst player on the winning side and the best player on the losing side always receive 0 points. If you were in the game less than two minutes, you will receive 0 points. Winners from worst winner up will score as such, based on the number of players in the game: 0 points, 1 point, 3 points, 6, 10, etc.

Your number of ladder points received is the sum of the positions below you (on the winning team) and inverted on the losing team. This is then post-multiplied by the ratio of gametime you were present. The winscreen will have scoring gaps for players who participated but were not present at game end. Such players are still scored.

I need help. Where do I go?

To expedite your e-mail quickly, we ask you include the game title in the subject field. If you are experiencing technical difficulties with Renegade, please visit our technical support site. You can access your technical support questions and the answers as they are updated by our technical support staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also get additional information about our Tournament System at our technical support site. Click here to go there now!
If you believe you have been cheated out of a win in some way, please visit our cheat report page by clicking here.