Interview with BlackIntel admins Stealteye, EvilWhiteDragon and Ghostshaw, by Goztow (05-02-2007)

Hello BI team! Glad I can get this interview with you guys! Please tell our readers a bit more about BlackIntel. Wo are you guys? What is your "mission"? Where did the name "BlackIntel" come from and how long have you been around our community? ow come we just recently started hearing more about you guys or is that just me? And more importantly: do you wear slips or boxershorts?.

'EVIL_WHITE_DRAGON' Well, first of, boxershorts ofcourse.
'GHOSTSHAW' somethign in between, i mean not completely boxers but they're definately not slips.

'EVIL_WHITE_DRAGON' We (Stealteye and me) were first part of where we helped with the website, and hosted a renegade server for a while. After a while the renegade part of cncreneclips died off, so we decided to split.
'STEALTHEYE' basically BlackIntel was founded by combining cncreserv and Flictserv/killzoneserv
'STEALTHEYE' Flict has left BI now though :(
'EVIL_WHITE_DRAGON' Then we needed a new name for ourself. We though of a couple but we didnt really liked them, so we kept on thinking about our name.
'STEALTHEYE' We used Black Ops X for a while (not too long)
'STEALTHEYE' which we found somewhere on wikipedia :P
'STEALTHEYE' and (partially because of that)
'STEALTHEYE' we did not like that name much
'EVIL_WHITE_DRAGON' so we decided to rethink the name and we then came up with BlackIntel
'STEALTHEYE' We've spent a few days and a huge text file with possibilities
'STEALTHEYE' but this seemed to be the nicest name we could think of :)
'STEALTHEYE' The only thing we needed to do was determine whether it would need a space, a dash or nothing in between
'GOZTOW' I got the impression that question still hasn't been solved :p
'STEALTHEYE' correct
'STEALTHEYE' BlackIntel is the official name though

'EVIL_WHITE_DRAGON' We have our own website for exactly a year now, and we are still very busy with the secret project that started it all. Meanwhile we got some other projects running, like the server.dat improvements and the wall lag fix and the turret lag fix. BI excist for exactly 1 year now! So congratulations BlackIntel!

Congratulations, guys! Secret project... sounds kinky! What about that BlackIntel-clan weve been reading about on your forums? Any chance it'll ever lift off? ;)

'STEALTHEYE' maybe, it's not a priority for me though
'EVIL_WHITE_DRAGON' Well, I have been thinking, and when I get some time it will surely lift of.
'EVIL_WHITE_DRAGON' Unfortunately, I don't have much time currently.
'STEALTHEYE' basically, I focus on the coding, and don't want to spend time with organising a clan as I guess it takes a lot of time
'STEALTHEYE' something which I already have too little of :P
'EVIL_WHITE_DRAGON' And I mostly focus on making seye's job as hard as possible ;) But seriously, I try todo the main day to day stuff
'GHOSTSHAW' and the occasional web work evil

Well, someone got to do the dirty work :).

'STEALTHEYE' EWD tends to push me a little when I'm lazy ;P.

In september last year, you concluded a partnership with BHS. We also see a logo of (thanks for that!) and TheKOSs2 on your main page. What exactly do these partnerships include?

'EVIL_WHITE_DRAGON' Well, the plan is / was that we would actually help with Renguard 1.04, but other then sending NDA's and discussing what we should do, not much has happened. Besides some help on BHS.dll.
'STEALTHEYE' we have mostly offered fixes for scripts.dll until now
'STEALTHEYE' and have received the source to bhs.dll
'EVIL_WHITE_DRAGON' The partnership with the KOSs2 is because I personally like Gozy and because we agreed to share a server as soon as both of us can get loose of their current host. We hope to get this done in march/april, no fixed date though.
'STEALTHEYE' also KOSs2 is currently running the BI mods
'STEALTHEYE' an adapted version to fit their needs though

'EVIL_WHITE_DRAGON' Yes, they are also helping us test our new project, called BIATCH, or BlackIntel ATacks CHeaters or BlackIntel AnTi Cheat

You have been talking about it already a bit, what projects have you guys finished/released already??

'STEALTHEYE' BIATCH is the most important one atm
'STEALTHEYE' I have been working on it a lot for the past few days
'STEALTHEYE' trying to get a beta or release done today. however I did not succeed in that
'EVIL_WHITE_DRAGON' Yes, we hoped to have a RC1 of it ready today, but unfortunalty that was to short day.
'STEALTHEYE' it is quite stable now though, and mostly ported to a new biatch.dll
'STEALTHEYE' like I said, I hope to get something out really soon, the internal deadline was today

Please tell us some more about this next big release, poetically named "BIATCH". What will it do? And why did it take you so long to release it? Will we see a (limited) beta test soon?

'EVIL_WHITE_DRAGON' BIATCH stands for BlackIntel ATacks CHeaters or BlackIntel AnTi Cheat. As you might know we have our own renegade servers so most testing will be done there. But once we think it is stable enough we will release a RC1 version of it
'STEALTHEYE' it will include damage value checking

'STEALTHEYE' basically, all damage the client sends is analysed and checked
'STEALTHEYE' if it is impossible it will ban
'STEALTHEYE' if it is unlikely, it will give a warning
'STEALTHEYE' together with the warning, the damage is blocked
'EVIL_WHITE_DRAGON' Yep, that is one of best features, the auto banning of damage hacks :)
'STEALTHEYE' if it is ok, then nothing is done, obviously :P
'STEALTHEYE' it will check the warheads of the weapons
'STEALTHEYE' BlamoKiller = ban
'STEALTHEYE' then there is an untrust command

'GOZTOW' can you plz explain our readers what exactly a "warhead and blamokiller" are?
'STEALTHEYE' ok sorry, warhead is basically the amount of damage each weapon does on each type or armors

basically the kind of anti cheat we have been waiting for for a while, how is it related with renguard?

'STEALTHEYE' It will block as much as possible from the server side
'STEALTHEYE' but renguard is still needed to check for clientside things
'STEALTHEYE' like bighead
'EVIL_WHITE_DRAGON' It will cooperate with renguard so we can better detect bypassers and block cheats from those that do not have renguard

All of that sonds great, when can we expect the RC1?

'STEALTHEYE' I do not want to set any dates, I worked hard on trying to get this done before today, but I didn't make it
'EVIL_WHITE_DRAGON' Well, as we said, we wanted it to be released today, but we havent really tested it, so that's atleast one thing that needs to be done
'STEALTHEYE' I don't want people to expect it and be unhappy when we can't make it
'GOZTOW' which is understandable
'EVIL_WHITE_DRAGON' Btw, that is one of the reasons we have decided to make BIATCH, as we waited for DragonGuard, but it never kame
'STEALTHEYE' I know people want to hear dates, but to a developer it is just very hard to give a right date.

What does the future hold?

'STEALTHEYE' The future...
'EVIL_WHITE_DRAGON' Well, we are working on other projects too, and one that is totally unknown to the community is BIRDS
'STEALTHEYE' It depends on what we figure out about the engine I guess
'STEALTHEYE' BIRDS is somewhere in between "now" and "the future" :P

Yet another poetical name? What does it plan? Make renegade characters fly? :P

'EVIL_WHITE_DRAGON' BIRDS stands for BlackIntel Retard Disposal System
'EVIL_WHITE_DRAGON' We (well GHOSTSHAW) is working very hard on this and it will be a global ban system
'EVIL_WHITE_DRAGON' Not just a simple global ban system, but one where you can add weights to certain servers / moderators, so if you for example don't trust the Jelly's server you could say weight=0
'EVIL_WHITE_DRAGON' Also it will have a local backup of the database so that even if the main server is offline cheaters will still be cought.
'STEALTHEYE' I you don't trust us, you can do the same :P

To finish: if you had to describe BI in 2 normal length sentences, how would you do it? You get 3 minutes to think this over.

'EVIL_WHITE_DRAGON' Well, I would say a nice and perhaps a bit messy community, but the main goal of it is improving the true C&C Rengade experience.
'STEALTHEYE' BI is trying to improve renegade as much as technically possible, preferably from the server side.
'STEALTHEYE' We're mostly a serverside modding group :)
'STEALTHEYE' but the main goal of it is improving the true C&C Rengade experience. << and I completely agree with that too

I think that's a nice way to end this interview. Thanks for the interview!